2017-11-27 James Richardsonhand next tasks better
2017-11-27 James Richardsonarchive yearwk if required
2017-11-27 James Richardsonframe seem to confuse stump
2017-11-27 James Richardsondisable org-jira for now
2017-11-27 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2017-11-27 James Richardsondo weekly mail archives
2017-11-27 James Richardsonthor updates
2017-11-27 James Richardsonupdate email addresses
2017-11-20 James Richardsonadd mu4e-alert desktop notifications
2017-11-20 James Richardsonremove acct-3
2017-11-19 James Richardsonupdate authorized keys
2017-10-23 James RichardsonWeekly update
2017-10-03 James Richardsonmisc updates
2017-09-18 James Richardsonpbuilder changes for james-technotes
2017-09-17 James RichardsonAdding pbuilder config
2017-09-12 James Richardsontweek pbuilderrc.
2017-08-19 James RichardsonSetup for pbuilder, gbp, and cowbuilder
2017-08-19 James RichardsonHave email set via ~/.email if it exists, otherwise...
2017-05-19 James RichardsonUpdate GUILE_LOAD_PATH for 2.2
2017-05-12 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2017-05-12 James RichardsonAdd alias for hostname.
2017-05-12 James Richardsonset TMPDIR in .bashrc as rxvt is suid and this kills...
2017-05-09 James RichardsonDon't configure mu4e if ~/Maildir does not exist.
2017-04-16 James Richardsonadding org-jira todo
2017-04-06 James RichardsonAdd code to track org-mode in ~/src/org-mode if present
2017-04-05 James RichardsonNew function (jr/insert-latex-boilerplate)
2017-04-04 James RichardsonMove to more guix centric package management (e.g....
2017-03-10 James RichardsonAdding sh mode to top for emacs.
2017-03-02 James Richardsonorg
2017-03-02 James Richardsonperl5lib
2017-02-16 James Richardsonlet's use davmail
2017-02-16 James Richardsonsort out to make LaTeX export work again
2017-02-14 James Richardsonmake email come out right
2017-02-14 James Richardsonweasel is no more
2017-02-14 James Richardsonadd workstation keys
2017-02-11 James Richardsonturn on stash state in prompt
2017-02-11 James RichardsonIgnore .AppleDouble from the silly ithings
2017-02-10 James Richardsonadd weather, single day for agenda
2017-02-10 James Richardsonemacs tweeks for guix and cider
2017-02-10 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2017-02-08 James Richardsonscrewy conflict
2017-02-08 James Richardsonadd jrichar-ws to dev71
2017-02-08 James Richardsonmerge updates from jrichar-ws
2017-02-08 James RichardsonAccess for jrichar-ws
2016-11-19 James Richardsonadd rsa key
2016-11-19 James Richardsonemacs tweaks
2016-11-10 James Richardsonupdates
2016-10-18 James RichardsonJust remove the line, couldn't sort it out properly.
2016-10-18 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-10-18 James Richardsonunset TMOUT
2016-10-18 James Richardsonunset TMOUT
2016-10-18 James Richardsondon't set compiler flags in environment
2016-10-17 James Richardsonfix test
2016-10-14 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-10-14 James RichardsonAIX updates
2016-10-13 James Richardsonchange source to .
2016-10-09 James Richardsonset GUIX_PROFILE properly
2016-10-09 James Richardsontest for existance
2016-10-09 James RichardsonSource guix profile if present
2016-10-08 James RichardsonOnly add ~/doc/org if exists.
2016-10-08 James RichardsonAdding guile load paths for guix.
2016-10-08 James RichardsonCall (server-start) and (edit-server-start).
2016-10-08 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-10-08 James RichardsonTrying icicle mode instead of ido.
2016-10-08 James RichardsonRemoving old files no longer used.
2016-10-08 James RichardsonUse simple PS1 for emacs tramp.
2016-10-07 James RichardsonMake AIX session look like everything else.
2016-10-07 James Richardsonrsa keys
2016-10-07 James RichardsonAdd workstations public key to authorized keys.
2016-09-29 James Richardsonrebase this out
2016-09-29 James RichardsonAdd guix paths to appropriate env. variables.
2016-09-29 James RichardsonAdding a proper .sbclrc.
2016-09-29 James RichardsonRemoving custom adds.
2016-09-22 James Richardson.environment: Don't add src/guix (for now).
2016-09-22 James RichardsonInitialize guix things on foreign distros and guixsd
2016-09-22 James Richardsoncall package-initialize early
2016-09-21 James Richardsonadd perllib and update PS1 for guix environment
2016-09-15 James Richardsonguix tweaks
2016-09-14 James Richardsonadding lacarte
2016-09-14 James RichardsonAdding geiser and company-mode
2016-09-14 James RichardsonSorting out the right lisp implementation
2016-09-13 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-09-13 James RichardsonRefactoring lispy stuff
2016-09-03 James Richardsontuning email
2016-09-02 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-09-02 James Richardsonrefactoring mail accounts
2016-09-01 James Richardsonadding my keys from thor
2016-09-01 James Richardsonadding new mailserver
2016-09-01 James Richardsonupdate cider-nrepl to match emacs
2016-08-17 James Richardsonadding new mailservers
2016-08-17 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-08-17 James RichardsonRemove sourcing of ~/.environment from .bashrc as this...
2016-07-17 James Richardsonenable edit-server and track version on melpa
2016-07-17 James Richardsonadd paredit to cider repl
2016-07-16 James Richardsonuse emacslient as editor
2016-07-16 James Richardsonuse melpa instead of my own checkouts.
2016-07-15 James Richardsonhook in paredit and eldoc mode
2016-07-15 James Richardsonadding restclient to package list
2016-07-15 James Richardsonadding screen-256color.el
2016-07-13 James Richardsonbootstrap elpa on new boxen