New function (jr/insert-latex-boilerplate)
[james/home/home-etc.git] / .emacs.d / config / org.el
2017-04-05 James RichardsonNew function (jr/insert-latex-boilerplate)
2017-04-04 James RichardsonMove to more guix centric package management (e.g....
2017-03-02 James Richardsonorg
2017-02-16 James Richardsonsort out to make LaTeX export work again
2017-02-10 James Richardsonadd weather, single day for agenda
2016-10-08 James RichardsonOnly add ~/doc/org if exists.
2016-08-17 James RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of https://git.jamestechnotes...
2016-07-12 James Richardsoncygwin updates
2016-01-23 James Richardsonadd dotfiles orgs to agenda
2016-01-19 James Richardsonadding org mode back for cygwin
2016-01-15 James Richardsonlast before new laptop
2015-09-21 James Richardsonemacs tweeks org and mu4e
2015-07-29 James Richardsonsort org mode when not installed
2015-07-29 James Richardsonset org-directory to existing directory
2015-07-29 James Richardsonstill load org-contacts is not present
2015-07-29 James Richardsonif org-checklist is not there still load emacs
2015-07-28 James Richardsonmoving to master
2015-07-28 James Richardsonmisc