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Blogs and Wikis
james/blogs/ James' personal blog james 2 months ago
james/blogs/ James' technical bliki james 2 months ago
james/blogs/ James' Online Resume james 3 months ago
Infrastructure as Code
cfengine-masterfiles.git cfengine masterfiles james 5 years ago
fai-config.git My fai configuration james 4 years ago
puppet-apt.git puppet-apt james 6 years ago
puppet-common.git puppet common james 6 years ago
puppet-dbp.git David Smitt's debian best practices james 6 years ago
puppet-manifests.git puppet master james 6 years ago
puppet-ssh.git puppet ssh james 6 years ago
James' Projects
james/home/src.git James' dumping ground for new, not yet finished projects, old... james 7 weeks ago
org-jira.git fork of github ahungry/org-jira james 3 months ago
repo-manager.git Ensure .mrconfig and repo match james 3 months ago
james/home/cron.git James' crons james 3 months ago
james/home/home-etc.git James' dotfiles james 10 days ago
james/home/home-plus.git James' extra dotfiles james 6 weeks ago
james/home/home.git James' Home directory james 2 weeks ago
guix/guix-configs.git My guix configurations james 3 weeks ago
guix/guix-packages.git My guix packages james 6 days ago
guix/guix.git My copy of guix. james 15 hours ago